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Swedish Massage

Designed to relax the whole body and mind using slow deeply relaxing movements such as effleurage, working with the superficial muscles. Swedish massage concentrates on relaxing nervous tension, encouraging and stimulating good circulation of blood and lymph fluids, clearing blockages and aiding filtration of waste products and elimination of toxins. Swedish massage assists in relieving many conditions such as trauma, insomnia, anxiety, work or social stress, grief, poor circulation, lack of energy and much more.  Swedish massage is suitable for people who are sensitive to deep tissue massage and is perfect as an adjunct to remedial massage, sports massage and advanced remedial therapies, preparing the muscles for deeper massage. Swedish massage is excellent for the elderly, children and babies and for rehabilitation as well as for assisting with post operative conditions.

Special Note:  With all massage it is imperative that the client’s comfort is considered at all times.