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Reflexology is traditionally known as “Compression Foot Massage”. However, if the feet are inaccessible then the hands can be worked on as an alternative to the feet. Reflexology removes congestion and blockages from our neural pathways permitting an unobstructed flow of energy through the organism. Improving circulation, normalising and balancing organ and gland function, aiding all the body systems to function properly and relaxing the whole body.

Channels of energy course through the body by a network of nerves, organs, glands and muscles connecting to a specific corresponding reflex point on the feet, where this energy terminates. Crystalline deposits form at these nerve endings resulting in blocking the neural pathways whereby the neurons (nerve cells) become obstructed and cannot flow freely. Deep compression foot massage breaks up these crystalline deposits which in turn  allow the nerves to flow freely and thus stimulates and relaxes the body and helps to restore normal function to the corresponding organ or gland. Blockages are cleared, toxins eliminated, pain is eliminated, leaving the client feeling relaxed, revitalised, refreshed, producing a state of well being, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some reflexology techniques include thumb and finger (caterpillar) walking, rolling, stretching and twisting techniques, flushing (milking) techniques to the corresponding lymph areas.

A complete “super health workout” can take from 50 to 90 minutes. Reflexology can benefit anyone, anytime. However, some conditions it can target and relieve are:

relaxing CNS, stimulating blood and lymph flow, regulate blood sugar levels, aid correct metabolism, aid digestive disorders, pain relief, headaches, insomnia, menopause, PMT, aids the respiratory system, eliminates kidney stones and much more. 

Special Note:  It is imperative that the client’s comfort is considered at all times.