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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

A full hour and a half to two hours is required for maximum benefits from this treatment. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is designed to eliminate waste products and toxins from all our body’s systems, clearing blockages and relieving congestion, encouraging better circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Good health depends on fending off attacks by disease-producing organisms, termed “pathogens”, neutralising toxic products of those pathogens, repairing tissues damaged by bumps, cuts , burns, ultraviolet light and caustic chemicals and eliminating cancerous body cells.

The lymphatic system is our body’s immune response and defence system to enable us to ward off and resist disease. Keeping this system clean, clear of toxic matter, blockages and ultimately disease is the key.

Light specific techniques are applied, such as twist grip, scooping, flushing, pumping and stationary circles. All movements work with a proximal to distal sequence  clearing nodal areas and directing the flow of lymph back towards the emptying ducts.

Lymphatic vessels begin as capillaries in spaces between cells. They unite to form larger tubes, called lymphatic vessels. At intervals along these vessels lymph flows through lymphatic tissue structures called lymph nodes. In the skin lymphatic vessels flow in subcutaneous tissue and generally follow veins. Lymphatic vessels of the viscera (internal organs) generally follow arteries forming plexuses around them. Manual lymphatic drainage can assist with relieving many conditions such as:
* oedema (fluid retention)                 
* poor, sluggish lymphatic system   
* post surgical conditions                             

* fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy

* scars - post operative

* neurological disorder - M.S., downs syndrome, storke and migraine                                                                
* post traumatic conditions from sports injuries – to support healing and drain bruising
* dermatoid disorders (acne, scleroderma, psoriasis, eczema
* bronchitis, asthma, allergies affecting breathing
* post influenza and colds, constipation and more            

Note:  A doctor’s referral or advice is necessary with patients suffering with primary lymphodemias such as post operative, mastectomy or after radiotherapy as these patients should not have an MLD as it is also contra-indicatory.