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History of Hot Stone Therapy

This is an ancient therapeutic treatment dating back thousands of years to the Arabic people of the Middle East who were the first to use heated stones for therapeutic and other purposes and passed their knowledge onto the Asian people. The Chinese medical doctors used stones called Bian stones as instruments heated and placed on acupressure points of the meridians before they invented acupuncture needles which replaced these stones. To this day the Chinese still use heated stones incorporated into treatments including the treatment of deep muscular aches and pains and their famous reflexology. Other countries and cultures world wide incorporate stones for healing. The ancient Hawaiian Kahunas who go back hundreds of years used stones incorporated into massage, this was called Lomi IIli IIli, meaning flat pebble for massage. They passed their knowledge on from generation to generation and still use the stones in healing and spiritual ceremonies. Other countries throughout the world have used and still use heated stones for therapeutic and ceremonial purposes.

Chemistry of Hot Stones.

Igneous stones of a volcanic origin contain basalt, ferromagnesian and other rich minerals that are thermostatically conductive – they absorb, retain and release heat. This is known as Thermotherapy. They have been individually hand shaped and polished.

The Treatments.

The stones are heated and cooled down to the perfect temperature for the individual client, placed on the body over a towel and used as an extension of the therapist's hands with a variety of Western, Eastern and Hawaiian massage techniques. Closing this special treatment with a gentle chakra balance. The whole experience takes from one and a half to two hours for a deeply relaxing session depending on your client's requests, the heated stones can be incorporated into a menu of many other treatments including Beauty, Spa or Sports and Advanced Muscular Therapy, etc.

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy can accelerate healing and rehabilitation, relieving muscular aches and stiffness, detoxifying and stimulating circulation of blood and lymph, correcting digestive disorders and inducing a deep feeling of relaxation. Let these stones melt away your troubles and stress to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed and take your senses to a deeper dimension of relaxation than you have

ever experienced.

Following much research and hands on practice, 'Advance Massage Australasia' offers its very own customised 'Advance Hot Stone Therapy' a unique blend of both ancient and modern styles which have been developed to suit every client's needs.